Change the Game with Power Cards

Creative Connections facilities are committed to developing leadership and character through the martial arts. You can’t buy Power Cards in any store. Participants “purchase” the cards through character based missions they must perform at home, school, and in the studio.

Power Cards are a game. There are many ways to play, including creating your own rules. You can even submit your game ideas to us and we will post them for others to see. Each card has several values for various game play. The “Yin / Yang” values represent offense (yang) and defense (yin). Each card also has an element attached to it with a “power point” designator on top. Use these values to either suplement or simplify game play. The game card allows you to cover the mission cards to keep the competition from peeking. (Remember the back of each card is different.)

Participants will receive a mission checklist from their instructor. Simply initial each box as they complete the mission. When the student brings the checklist to class, they will receive the Power Card that matches the mission. They may only earn one card per class, so take your time. Feel free to get creative and ask them to repeat missions or stay consistent for a set amount of time before signing off. Power Cards are designed to be a tool allowing families to reinforce important values and behaviors. Take the lessons of the dojo off the mats and into life.

The Student Spot has a section called “Character Counts” These are challenging bonus missions that allow you to earn special cards which boost the power of your deck. Download the missions, complete and have a parent sign them, then bring the completed mission to your instructor. They will determine if you took it seriously and did enough to earn your booster card, which you will recieve in class. Look for additional opportunities to earn cards by participating in Community Connection events or by demonstrating exceptional leadership qualities.

Get the Checklists and Start Earning Cards!